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With a well-placed Google ad, you can turn any unsuspecting searcher into a valuable customer in seconds. With it, you can increase the number of online sales or bookings, get more people to subscribe to your mailing list, but you can also have the effect of increasing the number of incoming calls or store visits. However, in the absence of sufficient knowledge and experience, the expected result may not be achieved.

“Google Ads is not for me.” “I tired it, but it didn’t work.” Sentences that we have heard many times already from our prospective clients during the negotiations. In these cases, we usually show some accounts and search for the keywords that are relevant to those accounts. These two data tend to dispel doubts in most cases.

Whatever is your field of business, the following statement is true for all: you offer solutions to problems. This is what you should build on. The huge benefit of ads placed on Google search is that you no longer have to build problem awareness as the Searchgiant searches your potential customers for you. You need to keep this always in mind.

And one more important thing: in addition to Google ads, we shouldn’t forget about Google Shopping, which revolutionized online shopping a few years ago. In contrast to text-only promotions, Shopping ads can include a photo, address, price, store name, and other details to inform potential customers about the most important information without a click.

If you have an online store, Google Ads campaigns and Shopping Ads can boost conversions in no time. Let us know if we can help!

4 pillar on which we build

1. We collect relevant keywords

Using online tools, we embark on a journey of discovery and collect keywords related to your website. However, we do not stop here. We also examine the competition and incorporate related keywords.

2. We use excluding keywords

Human Resources Consultant vs. Ministry of Human Resources. It does matter…For Google Ads, what terms you appear on is at least as important as what you don’t. We take care of that too!

3. We create conversion generating headlines

If the call is boring, a relevant keyword is unfortunately worth nothing in itself. With a few characters, you need to get people interested. We test and entrust the work to our colleagues who are wordmasters.

4. We increase relevance

The more relevant an ad is to a searcher, the more likely it is clicked on. Extensions can effectively enhance this: call, location, links, add highlights – everything works for conversion.

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