Marketing Audit

We will review your business as part of a hands-on online marketing audit
tailored to your company

Our principals

Developing a business, running a company is a huge challenge and an even greater responsibility especially if you have to focus on everything at once. In addition to daily routine tasks and many others, there is often not enough time to develop the business, or to realize the untapped opportunities.

The purpose of the online marketing audit is precisely to discuss valuable and useful tasks and untapped opportunities for your company during an inspiring conversation. We have a complex framework of marketing analysis, so we can map your current online marketing tools and find the optimal development opportunities for you to stand out from the crowd and outperform your competitors, equipped with strategic advice and creative ideas applicable to your business.

How does the online marketing audit work?

The first step in applying is to fill out the registration form. In addition to contact information, you should provide as much information as possible about your business. The more detailed data we get, the better prepared we are for the audit. Of course, if your business doesn’t currently have online advertising channels, you don’t need to fill out this information. However, the description of products and services is absolutely necessary.

We will then arrange a time for you to learn about your problem within 1 hour and jointly determine the purpose of the audit. This is the area you are not happy with. This goal setting is free, because without it we can’t achieve results.

With a focus on the goal, we begin analytical and research work with the right account access. During this, we will review your systems, set up a diagnosis, and suggest solutions to achieve your online marketing goals.

Following the research work, we present our results, experiences, and solutions to the problem area. You will receive the complete documentation of the audit, and we will prepare a checklist for you to navigate your online marketing ship on your own later on

Based on previous partner experience, it can often be said that often only a few small steps, a useful piece of advice, a data-driven approach, and a technical setup separate you from a real breakthrough.

Who will you meet at the audit?

Berti Olah

I am one of the founders of FutureManagement online marketing agency. With our team we work for the success of our clients. Not just for online success, but for successful businesses. We are constantly improving ourselves and our tools to keep us up to date. We keep our knowledge ahead of the market with varying certificates.

I like our team and their hunger for success the most in my work. We don’t sleep peacefully until we get the best results.

Tomi Szikszai

I am one of the co-founders of FutureManagement. We provide our partners with comprehensive online marketing solutions. Our work is very diverse, from strategy creation through marketing research to search engine optimized website design to campaign management and content production. Our goal is for our partners to find the most optimal solutions for them in one place in the diverse world of online marketing.

If you would like to provide us with really detailed information about your business, download our profile and send it back to us at [email protected]. Set the subject line as “online marketing audit” or apply using the form below.

What can the online marketing audit specifically add?


marketing strategy and marketing plan recommendation


review and optimize your advertising account


sales funnel analysis, customer care examination


website analysis


corporate identity design design proposal


competition monitoring, competitor analysis


website conversion analysis

*In each case, the end result of the marketing review is a written report in which we disclose the deficiencies factually and make suggestions for corrective or constructive action.

What can you expect during the marketing audit?


Creative solutions

Along with our experience from different industries, we introduce you to new and exciting opportunities and creative solutions.

Opportunity maximization

We show you the tools and measurement system you can use to permanently exploit the potential of your company and market.

Solutions tailored to your company

We look for the latest online marketing solutions tailored to your business.

The use of the right tools

We will find the right online marketing channels and formulate the core messages for the best converting target audience.

What you cannot expect during the marketing audit?


Marketing jargon

We do not use marketing three-letter abbreviations. Our goal is to tell you everything you will need in an understandable way. If something is incomprehensible we go through the processes patiently and in an understandable way to make sure there is no blind spot left in that area.


Whenever possible, we give clear, immediately applicable tips, techniques, guidelines, which we can start using together at the audit. In addition to all this, there will be plenty of creative thoughts, inspirational ideas, and strategic advice that, if you promise, will surely make your business more successful.

Template solutions

We won’t repeat the marketing literature for you, surely, you know it by heart already. We will get to know your business and provide personalized advice that you will be able to use.

Avoidant answers

We will tell you what we don’t recommend you to do, with explanation. We won’t push you for trendy solutions, just because someone says, that’s where it’s at. We thoroughly explore the possibilities and offer something that will work for you and create value for your company.

What will happen after I submit my application?

We will contact you by phone or email.

We agree on a date.

The audit will take place in our office (4028, Debrecen, 36/B Simonyi Str.) however, we also offer Online audits (Skype, Facetime, Messenger).

Why choose the FutureManagement team?

Professional recognitions of our agency:

How often is it recommended to get an audit?

In our opinion, it is worth performing at least one audit per year within the company. Depending on the nature and operation of the company or enterprise, it may be much more common to compile such a report, even on a quarterly or more frequent basis. However, one must be installed in every company every year.

If you’re interested in our further monthly services

Online Marketing audit
At least 120 minutes of marketing consultancy
Address: Debrecen or Online
Competitor analysis
Dream buyer profil / buyer persona creation
Full documentation
Practical checklist
15 000 HUF Google Ads coupon (if you haven’t yet advertised)
Technical audit
Google analytics and Ads set up
Facebook pixel and catalogue set up
Google Search Console set up
Google My Business set up
Google Tag manager set up
MailChimp set up
Account Associations
The price of the marketing audit is 30,000 HUF / hour. The length of the meeting is a minimum of 2 hours. During this time, we will present our suggestions and discuss your issues. The price also includes preliminary preparation and an action plan, as well as strategic advice.

Our satisfied customers said

A professional, dynamic, reliable, youthful team with excellent flexibility.

Marta Tivadar

I experience work as common thinking, in which I also get ideas, feedback and confirmation. It’s a kind of marketing coaching. It is important that you work and communicate quickly on all surfaces. Personally, I feel like you can easily tune in to your style, so I don’t feel like I should force myself on anything.

Nóra Nagy, Mindset For You

Vibrant, dynamic and up to date! I recommend them to everyone!

Miklós Gyöngyösi, Axis Szolg Kft.

Application Form

It is worth providing as much information as possible about the business, products, sales and marketing processes, social networking sites, websites. That way we can be better prepared.