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With the advent of social media, we got a new marketing tool. However, it should not be forgotten that people basically use the best known social sites for entertainment, information gathering and communication. It is no coincidence that direct, product-oriented advertising is unable to work effectively on these surfaces. You still need to be present on social media. The only question to be answered is: how?

Producing relevant, unique and creative content is essential for successful social media communication. This requires mapping the market, understanding the basic characteristics of each interface, and accepting that not only the direction but also the nature of communication has completely changed. And in order to succeed, we need to adapt to the changed situation.

We will create your entire content strategy taking into account the aspects just mentioned, and instead of your product or service, your customers will be the main focus.

If you entrust us with coordinating social media communications, you can be sure that you will remain interesting and remarkable to your audience in the long run.

We help you unleash the potential of social media

1. We set you apart from the rest

Standing out from the competition is not an easy task, but – to use poetic exaggeration – it is essential for survival. To do this, we need to highlight your strengths so that customers don’t even think about turning to the competition.

2. We create a strategy

We develop an online communication strategy tailored to your company and your brand, taking into account the potential of the brand and the target group. We choose the style, tone and social media tools that suit your company.

3. We build on facts

For the sake of efficiency and effectiveness, we do not listen to our intuitions, but rely on facts and experiences we have accumulated over the years. We measure, we evaluate. Only then, will we act.

4. We offer a comprehensive solution

We write text, edit images, design graphics, launch campaigns and optimize on a regular basis. We do not focus on subtasks, but think in a complex whole. This will make the overall picture better.

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