Steps of our cooperation

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1. Needs assesment

Based on the received demand and our market research, we will compile the most ideal service package for you. From this we will make your price offer.

2. Contracting

Based on the accepted price offer, we conclude the contract with a confidentiality clause. It is important to know that we have a contract for at least half a year. This is a pleasant state as your online marketing will be in excellent hands for at least half a year.

3. Transfer of privileges

As a customer, everything remains yours, we will have agency access to your accounts. This way, no passwords or card details are required, and all ownership remains yours. If you don’t already have any accounts yet, we’ll create them together, in the same approach, of course.

4. Strategy creation

Our online marketing services start with defining your business goal. This will be the guiding thread throughout the collaboration. To achieve this, we build a strategy: we assess your market, your market situation, your competitors, the course of your service provision and your product range, and if necessary, we propose changes. After adopting the strategy, we will create your client portfolio, which may include: dream buyer profile, communication strategy, social media strategy, content strategy.

5. Creating advertisements

We create your advertising plan, in line with the communication strategy, in which the various target groups, targeting, placements, messages and costs can be found. Once approved, we’ll start running your ads.

6. Measurement, analysis

We measure the results of all our work, and we work on the basis of those. Our measurement tools use the data provided by Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Tag Manager, Search Console, Facebook Pixel, heat maps, screenshots, various newsletter systems.

7. Optimisation

Based on the data we collect, we optimize your ads and shared content on a daily basis in terms of text, image, targeting, timing, and platform. If necessary, we will adjust the strategy based on market data. It is important to achieve the optimum.

8. Weekly reports

We consider it important that you know first-hand about the effectiveness of our joint work, so on Mondays we will always send you the indicators for the previous week. The ones from which you can clearly feel the change.

9. In-person consultation

We invite you to our office at least once a month, where we can discuss the experience of our joint work and the following monthly campaigns next to a cup of coffee.

To make a responsible decision, it is important to see clearly what you can expect from our online marketing services:

Strategical view

No more ad hoc posting or advertising. We’ll create a strategy that sets you apart from the competition, and communicate according to it.

Transparent data

In our weekly reports, you will find all the data without cosmetics, which presents the effectiveness of our work and which is of interest to you for your business.

Monthly consultation

We meet at least once a month in person or in the virtual space and discuss our new ideas and experiences for more effective joint work.

Immediate response

We will respond to your phones and e-mails immediately and call you back. Don’t expect an immediate solution to a problem, but we’ll always keep you informed of the deadlines we meet.

Creative working processes

Our clients work in more than 20 different industries, beyond our personal skills, this is the real source of our creativity: diversity.

From now on, you don’t have to pay attention to your businesS

If you think you only need to spend the revenue from now on, you’re wrong. We still need your ideas, attitudes, and professionalism on your part.

Employee approach

We are working with you, not for you, for your success. So for us, reality will always come first, even if it’s not very good to hear that sometimes.

Immediate growth

Lasting results, testing and quality work cannot be created in 1-2 weeks. You have to be patient. We believe in marathons, we create a strategy for that.

Results measured in likes

We’re working with real metrics, and that’s not the number of likes – which might be the most obvious to you. So don’t measure the value of our work in this, because it’s a multifaceted indicator.

Opinion based operation

We do our work based on market feedback and measured data – an opinion only matters if it feeds on the same funds.

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