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With Waze ads, you can reach a narrower group that has more potential. You can “address” those who are just near your store or office by car – I believe I don’t have to detail what all this could mean for a restaurant, gas station, gym or flower shop? The popularity of the social navigation apps is growing in popularity not only among users but also among advertisers, so in the case of this form of advertising, it is exponentially true that you should join the interface as soon as possible.

The potential of Waze’s system is currently untapped, and it is a great opportunity to be the first to reach your customers through the platform.

If members of your target audience frequently use a vehicle, make an impulsive decision, and you have multiple physical stores, Waze ads are a must have option for you.

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1. Local

You can reach potential buyers. The ad will only appear to customers who are nearby.

2. Fast

It can be launched with a single click, the ad is visible immediately, and does not require serious preparation on the part of the client.

3. Precise measurement

Waze’s advertising system provides accurate data on how successfully your ad has run and how many times it has appeared.

4. It is a great investment

Compared to similar local marketing tools, the price of Waze can be said to be low. It can be started from $ 2 per day.

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